Everyone wants to be the sun to lighten up everyone’s life, but why not be the moon, to brighten in the darkest hour.
― Unknown (via primrues)
11 Questions

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  1. if you have to change your name into something else, what would it be and why?

hmm.. I have never consider changing my name… ever. I love my name the way it is because I feel like it truly reflects who I am. Vicky.. not too girly (no, my name is not short for Victoria) and not manly but somehow, it has that tough-guy feeling. 

2.where in the world would you like to be in your olden days?

I would love to stay somewhere (anywhere in the world) where everyday is filled with clear beautiful sky, pretty sunset and starry sky. I want to have a bedroom with a balcony and clear glass windows facing that beautiful view. Accompanied with my loved ones of course. :) The thought of it makes me happy already! and this place should have NO WINTER! Because I hate cold. haha. This place will definitely be in the middle of a busy city though, I can not stand suburbs, it’s too lonely and depressing for me.

3. do you have any alternate life scenario(s)? if so, what is it?

If I could change one thing, I should’ve studied art from the beginning. I did my bachelor in accounting & finance and now I ended up learning art. I wished I have studied art earlier… anything to do with music, media and design. I probably have owned a million dollar business by now and super proud of myself.

4.summer, autumn, winter, spring - which season are you currently on in your life and why?

Fall. Because… I’m in New York City baby! and it’s October so.. it’s technically Fall.

5. whatever your faith is currently - have you ever imagine yourself believing in something else?

I am a Buddhist and honestly if I had to believe in something else, I’d probably be an atheist. lol. I always feel ‘faith’ / ‘religions’ is just another factor for human to differentiate or even to discriminate others, thus religion should not exist in the perfect world. I think the world would be in peace if everybody just believe in kindness. 

6. if you had to get a quote tattoo’d, what and where would it be?

It would be on the inside of my wrist, saying “Do what you love, love what you do”

7. what’s your biggest ‘should’ve, would’ve, could’ve’ in your life?

Like I mentioned in no. 3, I should’ve studied art from the beginning and

I would’ve been the owner of a multi millionaire company right now.

I could’ve done it years ago but… I’m en route of being one and will soon be one :D 

8. have you ever been in love?

In my honest opinion, no. Still looking for that lucky person ;)

9. what do you think is the center of your life? if this thing/person disappears, you would immediately crumble and fall apart.

hmm I think right this moment, it is my career. I don’t think I would crumble and fall apart though because you can always build again. Even if it’s a person, time will heal eventually and you’ll find another one. People come and go, remember?

10. if you could be someone else for one whole day, who would it be and why?

I’d say President Barrack Obama? I just want to know his routines and how he divides his time everyday. It must be very challenging to lead a country and deal with all these issues around the world.

11. how are you really feeling today? be honest. (if you’re having a bad day, go take a nap with this cute cat.)

These past 2 weeks have been very rough. I just recently moved to New York City to pursue my career in media. I have tried my best and I’m not going to lie, I applied for jobs every single day. Freelance / full time / part time jobs, EVERYDAY. Unemployment is the ultimate torture indeed. I feel like there is no point of waking up because there’s nothing to look forward to! It’s seriously the worst feeling EVER! In order for this feeling to end, everybody, please slip my name in your little night prayer so that I could get a full time job soon! HAHA! :D *hugs&kisses*

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3. Where are you in the world right now and why are you there?

4. If you can only eat and drink 1 thing everyday, what would it be?

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6. How do you deal with anger / disappointment? 

7. Do you believe in love & marriage? If you do, elaborate your dream wedding, now!

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9. What is the most disappointing moment in your life? Why?

10. Do you think having “I-am-better-than-you” moment is bad? or it’s fine because it’s a sign of confidence? 

11. Are you content with your life at the moment?